Spots & Dischromia

The brown spots on the face, neckline or back of the palm, even in young age, are not uncommon and certainly should not worry you, since it’s easy and safe to get rid of them.

These spots are due to genetic predisposition and age, varying in size and colour, so their presence is annoying. The main causes are exposure to solar radiation, aging and the use of tanning lamps. The use of sunscreen is recommended to avoid them, but especially light skin is difficult to avoid the problem despite all precautions.

Today, however, we have several options to address the problem with special laser machines such as Fractional CO2, Mosaic, Alexandrite and others, which you can get informed about.

Usually more than one session is required and immediately after the treatment and the following day patients feel light red skin irritation, symptoms are relieved with the use of a simple moisturizing cream.