Vascular Malformations & Haemangiomas

Haemangiomas and vascular malformations, in addition to the aesthetic issue, can also cause functional problems. Laser therapy effectively and safely addresses the risk while restoring facial aesthetics.

Haemangiomas are accumulations of many distended and abnormal vessels beneath the skin, they are full of blood and for this reason their color is red. They usually appear 6 weeks after birth and grow up quickly until the age of 18 months. They are benign, but if they affect vital organs, they need to be treated immediately. Those that do not affect vital organs are removed when the child has grown a little, that is after 2-3 years.

As far as vascular malformations are concerned, they appear in various parts of the body, especially in the face. They are presented with the birth of a child and grow bigger as the child grows up.

For both of these problems, the required laser sessions depend on the problem. Therefore, the doctor will advise you on the type of laser or surgery that will be required.