Lower Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery

Forget about annoying skin relaxation in the neck area and get a more restful and youthful look!

Duration 2 hours
Anaesthesia General Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay Overnight
Downtime 2 to 3 weeks
Final Result 6 to 9 months

With age, the skin of the face and neck relax and appear wrinkles. In some cases the problem of relaxation is only detected in the neck. The neck lift will help you look more rested, fresh and younger.

The neck lift operation lasts about 2 hours, depending on the condition of the tissues. Almost always we start with liposuction with small cannulae and then we have an incision under the earlobes. Sometimes it is necessary to make an incision under the chin. The scars are relatively easy to hide and after a few weeks they tend to settle. In any case, they are easily covered with make-up. For closing the incisions  we use nylon sutures. One or two small drains are placed for a few hours. The face is wrapped with a big soft bandage, removed before you go home.

It is common to have a little swelling and some bruising on the face after surgery. It takes about 10-14 days to subside. It is important, however, to get out of bed and start moving as quickly as possible. You will not be able to drive when you leave the hospital and you can start applying makeup 2 weeks after the surgery. At 2 weeks you can cut or dye your hair. It is necessary to avoid a gym, swimming or other exercise for 6 weeks.