Breast augmentation Implants

If you want a larger breast, breast augmentation is the safe way to help improve your appearance and self-confidence!

Duration 45 minutes
Anaesthesia General Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay Day case but can stay overnight if preferred
Downtime 2 weeks
Final Result 6 weeks

Breast augmentation is very common operation, with the primary purpose of increasing the size, which can also help in correcting a mild breast ptosis. The increase in size with silicone implants may be used to correct asymmetry between the breasts or for reconstructive surgery after mastectomy or other operation.

The operation leaves a small but permanent scar, usually in the area under the breast, where it is easily hidden and with the passage of time it fades. With the surgeon, you can discuss different types of procedure or different sites for incision.

With regard to implants, you should be aware that silicone is an inactive substance used in many branches of medicine. Silicone is non-carcinogenic, and there is no evidence that the implants can affect fertility, pregnancy or breastfeeding ability.

Silicone implants may leak or rupture in the future. This will cause a change in shape, hardness or breast pain and requires surgery to remove or exchange the implants.

In any case, the surgeon will tell you about the size and shape of the implants that he thinks are best suited for you, where and how they will be placed, and make your breasts appear as normal as possible after surgery.

  • What kind of anaesthesia is required?

    The operation is under general anesthesia and sometimes it may be preferable to stay for one night in the hospital.

  • Is it a painful surgery?

    The breast is likely to have sensitivity for 2-4 weeks after surgery and you should avoid having sexual intercourse for the time being. However, post-operative complications are unusual, as the doctor takes all necessary precautions.

  • What care will I need after surgery?

    The breast is likely to be a bit swollen and sensitive for a few days after surgery. Our advice is to wear a sporty bra larger than your size.

  • How long will it take to recover?

    The breast is likely to be a bit swollen and sensitive for a few days after surgery. Our advice is to wear a sporty brassiere larger than your size.