Breast Uplift & Augmentation

Now you can get a bigger, yet firmer and well-formed breast with an operation that has ... double effect!

Duration 2 hours and a half
Anaesthesia General Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay Overnight
Downtime 2 to 3 weeks
Final Result 6 months

Simultaneous mastopexy (breast lift) and breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic breast procedure. With this operation, we lift the breast by removing skin and reshaping the breast, while increasing its volume and size.

These two procedures exert opposing forces on the tissues and the skin, so it is necessary to make good planning to avoid complications and problems.

Mastopexy re-introduces a more conical shape to the breast, removing loose skin and repositioning the nipples higher. At the same time, depending on the size you want, a silicone implant will increase the size of the breast.

Dr. Ioannis Giannas performs the Mastopexy surgery with the technique of “vertical small incision”, which has the following advantages:

  • the incision in the breast is 50% smaller than the classic incision of the traditional technique; and
  • gives a better shape for longer time