Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

The problem of a very large breast can have many different causes (inheritance, body weight, hormonal factors) but a solution: breast reduction surgery can provide relief from the problem and a more attractive chest!

Duration 2 hours and a half
Anaesthesia General Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay Overnight
Downtime 2 to 3 weeks
Final Result 3 to 6 months

Whether just after puberty or middle age, immediately after menopause, the problem of the large breasts causes the same symptoms, mainly back pain, cervical pain, shoulder pressure from the bra, rash under the breast and feeling weight on the chest.

Breast Reduction is an operation that removes unnecessary fat and skin from the breasts, which acquire new, smaller and better shape, with repositioning of the nipples. The operation can also be used to correct breast asymmetry when the much larger breast is considered to be the least normal of the two.

As for the scars, these are obvious initially, sometimes red and empty. Usually after a few months they soften and fade away.

What is important to know is that few women can breastfeed after breast reduction. Breast reduction is not a contraindication to pregnancy, but young women may want to take into account the difficulty of breastfeeding before proceeding with such operation.

  • Is there a particular preparation for surgery?

    The doctor is likely to recommend that you reduce your weight if you are significantly overweight and stop the contraceptive pill for 4 weeks. Smoking significantly affects wound healing, and attempts should be made to stop or reduce it.

  • What kind of anaesthesia is required?

    The surgery is under general anaesthesia and you will stay in the hospital for one night.

  • Is it a painful surgery?

    When you wake up after surgery, you may feel a little discomfort, which lasts for 2-3 days. You will be given appropriate analgesics throughout this period, so that you do not feel any pain. The sutures are all absorbable, but it is necessary to have a wound check in one week.

  • How long will it take to recover?

    Initially you will feel tired and you may need help at home for 2 weeks, depending on your age and general condition. You need a fitting but comfortable bra after surgery, but because there is swelling the final size is not obvious for a few weeks. Sometimes there is sensitivity for a few weeks after surgery, but there is no reason not to sunbathe as soon as the scars heal.