Thigh Lift

Get your thighs rejuvenated again and feel your body renew!

Duration 3 hours
Anesthesia General Anesthetic
Hospital Stay Overnight
Downtime 2 weeks
Final Result 3 – 6 months

Massive weight loss or aging can lead to loss of skin elasticity and droopiness in the thigh area.

The answer to the problem is thigh light or lower body lift lifting up the tissues of the inner and outer surface of the thighs upward. The effect is similar if we pull the skin of the inner and outer surface of the thigh upwards with our hands – like when we wear tights.

Wounds begin from the inguinal area (near the labia) and, depending on the extent of the problem, extend to the inner surface of the thigh to the knee, or circumferentially.

After surgery, we need to stay in the hospital for one night.